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Busking at the seams | Street Performing

Posted by nexusnights on January 29, 2011 at 6:30 PM

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Busking Naked

"A look into street performing"

If you have ever been a tourist, then you most likely have seen someone performing some sort of feat on a street corner or landmark. They are Busking, a term basically decribing a street performer. Whether you find magic more interesting over singers or con artistry. You will see all types. Magicians, Jugglers, Artists, Shell games, Musicians, Singers, Lyricists both singers, and Rappers. Really, anything that grabs your attention and commands a tip they are technically Busking. And it's this place that many amatuer's become professionals. This is where they hone there craft, and in some cases get picked up to perform for large audiences. This is where culture, and entertainment collide into a concoction of inspiration and imagination.

Since there is so many types of acts, not all of them work in all areas. For example, if you are performing a stunt or acrobat show you may require a large area to perform. So obvilously a street corner will not work for this particular act. However, close-up or street magic performance may be ideal. Just be sure to give pedestrians room to move.

Also, be sure to check with the local jurisdiction to see if Busking is prohibited in the area you wish to perform before you set-up.

If in fact you are on public grounds, and there is no ordinance against performing in that particular area. You still may be hassled by an Officer of the law. Now this can be a sticky situation, many Officers are not aware that Busking can fall under your 1st amendment rights.

Now there is a right, and clearly a wrong way to handle this situation. I will provide you a link to information that you can print, and keep with you explaining your first amendment rights. With this is instruction on how to handle the Law correctly. This particular form was created by the ACLU for Nevada Buskers. (Las Vegas specifically) However, these rights of course extend Nationally, and it's highly recommended that you carry this with you, don't get caught naked without it. It could potentially save you a lot of trouble.

Street Perfomers are as old as mankind, the first and oldest form of entertainment. It's where miracles are created and inspiration to both the spectator and you the performer happens almost daily. It's where an idea takes shape, a routine is born, an act is created  and in some cases it's where fame is born.  

Some noteable Buskers:

*Penn & Teller

*Bob Dylan
*Harry Anderson

*Blue Man Group

*Steve Martin

*Tracy Chpman

*Eric Clapton

*Paul McCartney

For a complete list of notables visit:  Busker World

Print out a free copy of:  Busking Rights by clicking here

If you want to build an act whether it be Magic Tricks, Music, or even dance. Busking is where you should start. Play with your routines get comfortable performing for audiences. Work out the kinks, the quirks, and the nerves on the street and success will find your way.

Written by

Jason Ring

Nexus Magic Store

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Reply Hyam A. Shyster
11:09 PM on April 15, 2012 
Awesome Jason!
Reply TedTalon
2:04 PM on April 5, 2012 
Thanks for the Buskers Rights sheet.... That's pretty cool! 5 * * * * *
Reply Jason
12:18 PM on March 23, 2012 
Hey Wayne I have only seen a couple of Magicians Busk in Old Sacramento during pioneer days and special events. Not a common thing here.... :o)
Reply Wayne Whiting
6:09 PM on October 20, 2011 
Where do magicians busk in Sacramento?

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