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Hyam A. Shyster

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Reply Hyam A. Shyster
2:07 PM on April 9, 2012 
Lately I watched a strange thing transpire in the world of magic, something that worries me. Young magicians coming into the business, all wanting bigger and more elaborate props. They all want to top the other guy, do it bigger, more spectacular than the pros. I hear them say,? I?m gonna levitate better than Blaine or Angel.? So many young magicians or wanna be magicians have forgotten the basics, or maybe never learned the basics in the first place. A magician isn?t a person that can make some mechanical device operate, then take a bow because it worked right.
A magician is an actor, entertainer, a comedian, a thinker, a doer and doesn?t need machines and elaborate devices to amaze his audience. I have several questions to ask of new people in our field. How often do you practice the French Drop and do you even know what it is? Do you have a good cup and ball routine? How well do you know the Professors Nightmare? When was the cut and restored rope invented, by who and when was the last time you did it? How many tricks/routines do you carry with you, everytime you step out your door? Do you carry a deck of cards with you all the time?
What I?m getting at here is this, it is time we all got back to the basics. Time for us old-timers to get back to teaching the basics, instead of teaching young people that good magic cost a lot of money. A cheap but very amazing trick is this: Next time you eat at your favorite pizza place, leave the waitress a tip something like this. I leave $5.00, by first having the waitress sign the bill. Then I fold it real small, using the French Drop I vanish the bill, having the waitress stand real close as I show one hand empty for misdirection. With the other hand I slip the bill into the waitress apron pocket. If she is standing close and a little bent over watching close what you are doing the pocket will be exposed and open a little. When the girl asks where it went, just tell her to check her pocket. When she sees that it is your signed bill, everyone in the restaurant will know it. Be sure to have plenty of business cards handy and ready to book some gigs.
Hyam A. Shyster
Reply Hyam A. Shyster
9:15 PM on April 8, 2012 
"Exactly who or what is a street magician?

In my humble opinion he is a wanderer who believes he is the inheritor of all he surveys.

Someone who goes from place to place with or without a settled route or destination.

He is a boundary crosser; his purpose is to discover new places, meet new people, make new friends and preserve a way of life while perfecting his craft.

He is a person who is both loved and envied for his way of life which appears to the untrained eye as jolly-good, and fancy-free. But in fact it is a life of unremitting toil and unfailing persistence. He must be willing to stake his future on his ability to persist no matter how hard the going gets. He must have an unshakable faith in himself and in his specialized knowledge to resist all the temptation; to buckle under the weight of society, to refuse to be herded like sheep into a pen and to be told when, where, and how long he can stay.

He is the first Church of the Street Theater and claims the same rights as any religion. To stand on any street corner and gather a crowd. To say and do as he wants whenever he wishes as long as it is within the bounds of propriety and good taste. And lastly, ask for support.

He is adventurous, persistent and courageous. Along with those characteristics, he has the determination to survive, the tongue to persuade, and the hand to execute any mischief called for.
He is a man possessing a touch of the earth with a warm and sincere interest in his fellow human beings. His heart, soul and thoughts are those of a king. He is a man blessed with the Royal Touch."

-- Cellini excerpt from "The Royal Touch"
Reply Hyam A. Shyster
2:31 PM on April 8, 2012 
What is your answer to the age old question, "How'd ya do that?" My answer is, "Very well, dont ya think?"

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